Town Inhabitants

Who lives in a town like this?


Chaff Character Still 1Chaff Character Still 3

A cynical ex-Tae Kwon Do instructor. Married with a baby daughter, his family has suffered due to his worsening temper and inability to discuss his feelings. When given an ultimatum by his wife to change his ways or pack his bags, Chaff moves out in an attempt to face his demons and save his marriage.


Adrian Character Still 1Adrian Character Still 2

An optimistic musician. Still reeling from the death of both of his parents and the betrayal of his Japanese wife, Adrian never loses hope and decides to move to Ricklesburgh in an attempt to start a new life with a clean slate. He is not the sharpest tool in the shed but his low self esteem and naive attitude make him a loveable idiot.


Trevor Wong 1Trevor Character Still 2

An overbearing insurance salesman. Ignorant to the fact that no one really wants to speak to him, Trevor is always talking. He is an unrelenting practical joker and never fails to amuse…himself. Some would say that Trevor’s demeanour only serves to hide unbearable secrets from his past. Others would maintain that he’s just an embarrassment.


Barry Sharples 1Barry Character Still 2

A moronic air-freshener salesman. A man with no ambition and even less logic. The fifth brother of seven children, Barry has had a sheltered upbringing and finds it impossible to understand almost everything. He loves football and getting steaming drunk but his main area of interest is collecting cigarette lighters, of which he has three.


Tam Character Still 5Tam Character Still 8

An interminably boring plumber. A man so close to retirement, he can taste it. Tam is the sole carer of his younger apprentice, Shelly Lindsay. Married for forty years, his wife died from Parkinson’s disease. He sees things in black and white but the occasional dull subject will pique his interest and he can talk till the cows come home – mainly about types of wood.


Shelly Character Still 2Shelly Character Still 3

A peculiar apprentice plumber. Shelly was an orphaned boy who was taken in by Tam Nutkins and his wife when he was an infant. He is a mute and has found that the only way he can communicate is to record other people’s voices and recycle them on his portable tape recorder. Not much is known about his birth parents but Shelly certainly knows more than he could ever tell.


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