It’s with a heavy heart and a heavier colon that we bid farewell to TAPcast forever.  But NEVER FEAR, we’ll be back… with something new… somewhere else… somewhere exciting…

We’re leaving you with a BUMPER show!  Our longest ever and it’s bursting with favourites, old and new.

Listener Pish brings us a Trans-Atlantic question on TV torture while we chat school janny business and serving slop to bairnsTAP Tips makes a last gasp return which leads to a quite horrific confession from Craig and we welcome back an old friend from beyond the grave.

John and John Paul rock up for some Netflix Pitches, Jean & John go for the car on Mr & Mrs and on the last ever TAP News, everything goes a bit mental.  We blame it on Brexit.


Thanks to EVERYONE for tuning in over the last 30 episodes.  It’s been a big drunken hoot.

Keep em peeled for news of our new house.

Much love,

Stuart, Chris, Russell and Craig.


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